Dragon's Guide to Philly Fabrics

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I have been doing this list for over 10 years now. Every year there is something new, often a new store comes and then the next year (or two) it is gone. One of the major changes to this list is a response from the e-mail I've received with a recurring theme - What about the suburbs?

Over time I have added a few stores here and there that are not on Fabric Row. Due to popular request, I have expanded this to include stores that are within a "reasonable" distance of Center City Philadelphia.

As always, I will not be including chain stores like JoAnn, Hancock, or Rag Shop. The only "chain" I do include is Jo-Mar - if I didn't, I'd be lynched!

When you stop in, be sure to mention that you heard about them here!


Saturday is the busy day. Cash is always welcome. Please have Driver's License or other I.D. for checks. Some stores are cash only (but don't let this deter you!). As much information is given as possible. As always, call before heading out to make sure there are still there and their hours. Any questions about a place, just call and they will be happy to answer your questions. Many Philadelphia stores are open late on Wednesday. Street parking is available, please be mindful of posted restrictions. If you are coming from outside the Philadelphia area, please be advised that they have recently re-numbered the exits and many online map services have not updated their records.

Credit Cards (a necessary evil):

MC - Master Card V - Visa D - Discover AX - American Express

MAC - Automatic Teller Card. May not accept NYCE, HONOR, or other ATM cards. Inquire.

Indicates a store that has not yet been visited/contaced/reviewed, but will be soon!

Indicates that there is something in the area that I think is worth checking out. Will open in a new window.

My thanks to all the shopkeepers who took the time to answer my questions.

UPDATE June 2014: It's been a while since I last updated this. BIG NEWS: Jack B's is OPEN! They are at a new location but the fire didn't keep them down. Many of the suburban stores have closed since I last updated. I tagged them as closed, all the more reason to call before going.

A & J Fabrics
Albert Zoll, Inc.
Designer Fabrics of Fabric Row
Jack B. Fabrics
Kincus Fabrics
Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet
Stapler Fabrics [CLOSED]
Coté, Inc [CLOSED]
Sew Smart Fabrics
Fabric Warehouse [CLOSED]

Fabric Row Store Information - See also Fabric Row for directions to the district.

Under New Ownership

A & J Fabrics

757 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 592-7011
Mon - Sat 8:30-5:00, Wed 8:30-6:00
Cash MC, V, D, AX, MAC

10% Discount to costumers (mention this listing) and students.

Good selection of ethnic, exotic fabrics, and bridal. Bought out Goldberg's stock - mostly vintage!

Call first! May have closed.

A. Brood & Sons
727 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 925-0776
Mon - Fri 10:00-5:00, Sat 10:00-4:00
Cash, Checks (once established)

10% discount on quantity orders or if you mention you're with the Philadelphia Costumer's Guild.

Excellent selection of tapestry materials (one of the best I've seen)!

Call first! May have closed.

Adler's Fabrics
742 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 925-8984, 925-1610
Mon - Sat 9:00-5:00
Cash, Checks, MC V

Need tax number for discount (ask for more info)

Excellent selection of upholstery, drapery, & vinyl.

Foam cushion cut to order, poly/cotton batting, 12"-30" pillow forms

Albert Zoll, Inc.

744 S. 4th Street

Phila., PA 19147

(215) 922-0589

Fax: (215) 922-0719

Mon - Sat 9:30-5:00

Cash and MAC, V, MC (over $25.00)

Sequined appliqués, ribbons, and a large selection of buttons. Some fabric (decent price on silk for recreation undergarments), boning both steel and plastic.

Quantity discounts available (wholesale)

Designer Fabrics of Fabric Row
770-772 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 627-6177
Mon - Sat 10:00-5:00, Wed 10:00-7:00
Cash V, MC, AX

All sorts of stuff: designer fabric, trimmings, sewing machines, sewing classes, "one stop fabric shop". Quantity discount.

Call first! May have closed.

Baldwin Fabric and Leather
755 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 627-7668
Mon - Sat 9:00-5:30, Wed 9:00-7:00
Cash, Checks V, D, MC, AX

Formerly Great Leathers. Call first, have not had a chance to vist.

Grossman's Decorative Fabrics
725 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 627-5440
Mon - Fri 10:00-5:00 Closed Saturday!
Cash, Checks V, MC, AX, D ($10 min)

Nice selection of upholstery fabrics

Quantity discount - ask

Call first! May have closed.

Jack B. Fabrics
743 S. 4th Street NEW LOCATION
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 925-2991
Mon - Fri 10:00-5:30, Wed 10-7, Sat 9:30-5:30
Cash, MAC and MC, V, D ($20 min)

Extensive selection, reasonable prices

10% discount, tell costumer, SCA, or ask

After a devistating fire, I was saddened to think they'd be no more. But they have risen from the flames! I haven't been back since the fire, but my previous comment was: "It's not a good store to browse in (there is just too much!) but if you know what you want, they probably have it."

Kincus Fabrics
754 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 923-8836
Fax (215) 923-5370
Mon - Sat 9:00-5:30, Wed 9:00-7:00
Cash, Checks MC, V, D, AX ($15 min)

Probably the largest (or at least up there) store on the row. Reasonable prices.

Discount depending on quantity, ask.

Call first! May have closed.

760 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 925-9862
Fax (215) 925-3889
Mon - Fri 9:00-5:00, Wed 9:00-7:00, Sat 9:30-5:30
Cash, Checks and MAC, V, MC, AX ($15 min)

Excellent selection of trims & decorating notions. Some imported tapestry panels.

Ask for Professional Courtesy Card

Discount on full lots.

Will special order and ship.

Maxie's Daughter
724 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
(215) 829-2226
Fax (215) 829-0776
Mon - Sat 10:00-5:30, Wed 10:00-7:00
Cash, Checks MC, V, D, AX, MAC

Quantity Discount, ask. Vintage fabrics, ask for selection. Upholstery, drapery, bridal, & dressmaker fabrics.

Website forthcoming, mail order in the meantime.

Paul's and Sons
737 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
Fax: (215) 925-5113
Mon - Sat 9:30-5:00
Cash, Checks V, MC, D

Upholstery fabric

Good selection. Same family ownership since 1917.

Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet
747-749 S. 4th Street
Phila., PA 19147
Mon - Fri 10:00-5:30, Sat 10:00-5:00, Wed 10:00-7:00
Cash, V, MC, AX

Wide selection - Fabric, leather, thread, trim, notions. Discount prices, used to be across from JoMar.

Call first! May have closed.

Other Philadelphia Store Information

106 S. 11th Street
Phila., PA
(215) 923-2244 Customer Service
(800) 8-DANCIN (1-800-832-6246) Order Line (215) 592-4194 fax
Mon-Fri 9:00-5:15, Sat 9:30-5:00
Cash V, MC

Dance (ballet, tap, exotic) supplies, theatrical makeup, speciality shoes, sequined ribbon, appliques, etc. Call for information on discount parking.

Wholesaler, open to the public.Wide selection, great prices. Sign up for their mailing list for specials. No patterns, some trims and notions. Store hours vary, call before heading out. Several locations have closed, will be updating as I have more information.

Jo-Mar Fabrics -Juniata Park
3525 I Street (@Venango Street)
Phila., PA 19134
(215) 634-5802
(215) 634-6292 fax
Mon - Fri 10:00-9:00, Sat 10:00-8:00, Sun 11:00-6:00
Cash, Checks MC, V, D

Wholesaler, open to the public (second floor).Wide selection, great prices. When you talk to a local about Jo-Mar, this is often the one they are talking about. Well worth the trip.

Jo-Mar Fabrics -Lawndale
5300 Whitaker Avenue (@Roosevelt Boulevard)
Phila., PA 19124
(215) 288-3699
(215) 533-9060 fax
Mon - Sat 10:00-9:00, Sun 11:00-6:00
Cash, Checks MC, V, D

Wholesaler, open to the public. This is the corporate office as well. Fabric is in the back of the store, not as big a variety as Juniata Park...Unless the warehouse side is open. If you are looking for quantity this is the branch to visit. Call first and if the warehouse side is open, it's worth the headache at the Whitacker/Adams/Boulevard intersection!

Jo-Mar Fabrics - NE Philadelphia
2590 Grant Avenue (@Roosevelt Boulevard)
Phila., PA 19152
(215) 856-0685
(215) 856-7572 fax
Mon - Sat 10:00-9:00, Sun 11:00-6:00
Cash, Checks MC, V, D

Wholesaler, open to the public. Fabric is in the back of the store, not as big a selection as Juniata Park.

Jo-Mar Fabrics - South Philadelphia
22 East Jackson (@ Swanson Street)
Phila., PA 19148
(215) 339-5802
(215) 339-5808 fax
Mon - Sat 10:00-9:00, Sun 11:00-6:00
Cash, Checks MC, V, D

Wholesaler, open to the public.


Closed 2012

Stapler Fabrics

Closed 2006

PA Suburban Stores

Coté, Inc.

Closed 2012

Fabric Warehouse

Closed 2014

Jo-Mar Lansdale

Closed Summer 2007

The Quilt Academy

More details forthcoming. Took over for The Quilting Circle when they closed. Located on Hulmeville Road in Bensalem, PA.

The Quilting Circle

Closed 2011

Sew Smart Fabrics
53 W. State Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 345-7990
Mon - Wed 10:00-6:00, Thur 10:00-9:00,
Fri 10:00-8:00, Sat 10:00-5:00, Sun 12:00-4:00
Cash, Checks MC, V

Excellent selection of calicos, some exotics.

Not local to central Philly. Call for directions.

Jo-Mar Norristown

Closed 2013

New Jersey Stores - COMING SOON!

Compilation, Production, and Pestering of each shopkeeper by
Pat Ritter

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